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     BOORALITE Park has earned a reputation as a breaking in and pre-training centre of the highest excellence.

     Under the guidance of renowned horseman Julien Welsh, Booralite Park is a one-stop destination for thoroughbreds destined for the racetrack.

      A who's who of leading trainers are among the long term clients who entrust their valuable horses to be educated at Booralite Park as they embark on what is hoped to be a successful career on the racetrack.  They all get the right start.  

     Trainers with big or small teams of horses are offered the same services. The million dollar yearling, the bargain buy or home bred are all put through Booralite Park's proven education system.  Team Hawkes, Mike Moroney, Philip Stokes & Peter Moody are among the top trainers who are clients of Welsh and his team at Booralite Park which is located in Pakenham South.

     One of Welsh's specialities is the re-training of horses with behavioural problems, especially those which are suffering a lack of barrier manners.  It's often a challenging assignment but one that he relishes.

Breaking In

     UNDER Julien Welsh's guidance, yearlings are usually broken in in a block of two "campaigns", initially starting with the first education period of about four weeks.

     After a four to six week break, the youngsters return for another month of education at Booralite Park and will then usually head to their trainer where a decision will be made on whether to continue with a preparation or give the horse more time to mature mentally or physically.

Barrier Education

     HORSES playing up or refusing to load into the barriers is one of the most frustrating aspects of racing for both owners and trainers.

       It's a specialised field to solve these problems which can arise from several factors.

        Julien Welsh admits that while these horses present a challenge, more often than not their manners are sorted out with patience and care during their work at the practice barriers at Booralite Park.


     BOORALITE PARK pre-trains horses for some of the biggest trainers in the business.

      The horses, many of them big race winners returning for another preparation, are given a variety of activities to get them back to the track.

     Booralite Park's facilities include a sand track, treadmill, walker and enclosed arena. Road and beach work are also incorporated.

     Horses are also transported to nearby Cranbourne Training Complex to consolidate their work.


Booralite Park is the exclusive Australia distributor of the American developed Porta-Grazer

BOORALITE PARK is the exclusive Australian distributor of the American developed Porta-Grazer which is a revolutionary slow-feeding system designed to mimic natural, head-down grazing.

      The system has many benefits, including the crucial intestinal health of the horse, plus it offers huge savings as there is no longer any wasted hay or mess on the stable floor.

     It's used by many leading racing trainers and in other equine pursuits.


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The Porta-Grazer is a slow feeder for horses and available from Booralite Park at Pakenham South
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