LOCATED just under three hours from "headquarters" at Pakenham South, Booralite Park at Swanpool plays an important role in the lives of horses.

   With a background of rolling hills in Victoria's famed high mountain country, the Swanpool property comprises 236 acres of prime farming land.

     It provides the ideal environment for horses recuperating from the rigours of racing or for young horses needing a spell to strengthen or mature both physically or mentally.

     Safe horse mesh, horse rail fencing and indoor stables are important assets at Booralite Park, Swanpool.

     A full time manger lives on the property which is serviced by essential horse services, including local farriers and veterinarians.

     Swanpool is more than an agistment property. It is also a fully Government accredited pre-export quarantine centre for horses heading overseas.


BOORALITE PARK is the exclusive Australian distributor of the American developed Porta-Grazer which is a revolutionary slow-feeding system designed to mimic head-down, natural grazing.

      The system has plenty of benefits, including maintaining the crucial intestinal health of the horse, plus it offers huge savings as there is no longer any wasted hay or mess on the stable floor.

       Multiple Group 1 winning trainer Peter Moody (pictured below), who is still heavily involved in the racing industry, was a strong advocate of the benefits of the Porta-Grazer during his illustrious training career at Caulfield.  Several leading trainers have followed Moody's lead, but the Porta-Grazer is for all equine pursuits.

       It allows the horse to graze hay in a naturally slow, continuous manner whilst in the correct posture.  Each bit of hay is torn and pulled through the pan insert holes, stimulating natural grazing - no gorging, choke, ulcers, colic or dust inhalation, correct jaw placement and wearing of teeth and correct weight distribution on the forelegs whilst eating.

        The benefits are immense. 

       Contact Booralite Park for more details and orders, or click onto the following link.

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