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Educating young horses and retraining the so called barrier rogues is an important part of Julien Welsh's program at Booralite Park
Booralite Park's Julien Welsh does some barrier work with a yearling
Julien Welsh on his sand track at Booralite Park at Pakenham South
Julien Welsh and his team travel from Booralite Park in Pakenham South to the nearby Cranbourne Training Complex

     EDUCATING young horses in the barriers is a crucial part of the breaking in process at Booralite Park.

      They are educated in the "gates" at both their temporary Pakenham South home and at the Cranbourne Training Complex.

      But re-educating horses with barrier problems, including the so called barrier rogues, is what Julien Welsh describes as a challenge, but one he also relishes.

       One of the problems with horses sent to Julien to fix is that it's often difficult to know the horse's history and what has previously happened to them.

        "You have got to nut them out the first couple of times you have them at the barriers, but you can generally work out what is causing the problem," Julien explains.

         "But fixing the problem is often not easy for some. For other horses it is."

          And what is really challenging is solving the barrier manners of a horse that has been hurt in the gates.

          Julien likens it in layman's terms to someone grabbing hold of an electric fence and suffering the consequences.

          "When a horse gets hurt in the barriers, it's no different to him getting a shock from an electric fence," he said.

           "He doesn't want to go near that area again because that's where he was hurt - it was a shock and was painful."

             Julien says he has to convince the horse that the "electric fence" is turned off and it's safe for him to return and he doesn't have to worry about being hurt.

               He says some horses can take a week to fix, others take months.

A couple of youngsters are taken through their paces at |Julien Welsh's training centre at Pakenham South _ Booralite Park
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